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Single Storey Extension - St Albans, London Colney

The starting point for this project was to take a standard semi-detached house in a small cul-de-sac in London Colney and make it special. That’s the sort of challenge that HET loves.


The transformation involved redesigning and modifying the living room and dining room and extending the space to the back of the house.  The extension was designed to create a magnificent kitchen, complete with an island breakfast bar, a separate dining area and space to relax.  Folding glazed doors provide wonderful garden views, and let the sunshine and natural light flood in.  The stunning lantern light in the roof provides a fabulous feature and the makes the space feel even bigger.


“HET were fantastic “ said owners Katherine and Matthew, “we would never have managed this without them. Knowing we had professional support every step of the way made all the difference too. The builders were great and HET even provided a decorating team to complete the dream. The result has been life changing”.

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