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Adaptation Essex

After Jim suffered a stroke several years ago, his mobility became one of his biggest challenges.  He and his wife Andrea wanted to stay in their Essex home, but it wasn’t suitable for Jim’s needs anymore.  They came to HET for help and asked us to provide a ground floor bathroom which Jim could access easily to enable him to continue to live independently.


The level entry bathroom was fitted with a shower, bath, washing and WC facilities and the designers were careful to ensure it didn’t look ‘clinical’.  The result is a room where Jim can relax and where he feels safe and able to look after himself independently.  His wife Andrea said it has been a ‘Godsend’ and has made a world of difference to their lives.


As well as the bathroom we extended their kitchen and also provided a conservatory which overlooks the garden, handy for them both to enjoy a spot of bird watching. This type of adaptation can often be exempt from VAT, and we’d be happy to discuss this in more detail if required.

If you want to find out the possibilities for improving your home, contact us today to book your free consultation.

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