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The Top 10 Most Common Home Improvements

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Home improvement

So we have all spent alot of time at home and the amount on enquiries we are receiving are definitely backing up the fact that people are looking at how to improve their homes and often make more space. Here we look at an article from Which Magazine on the 10 most common home improvements.

It asked 1,275 homeowners (in March 2017) what home improvements they have made in the past five years. The top 10 list included:

Getting a new bathroom (39%),

Installing a kitchen (38%)

Building an extension (17%)

Knocking through rooms (12%)

Getting a loft conversion (10%)

Adding an extra bedroom (9%)

Installing double glazing (26%)

Installing a new boiler or central heating system (34%)

Having a garden make-over (26%)

Fitting solar panels (12%)

So out of those 10 items we can help you with seven!

Our team of designers are experts in improving your home and with our bespoke planning system we can plan your home improvement project to deliver it on time and on budget.

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your home improvement dreams.

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