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Latest Which Magazine Advice on Home Extensions

home extensions

Thanks to Lockdown, many people are now considering Loft Conversions, or an extra study room for working from home. According to estate agents Savilles, "These are among the changes most likely to add value. An extra bedroom can double the number of buyers if you ever decide to sell".

Most loft conversions don't need planning consent, thanks to Permitted Development rights, which now also cover many Home Extensions, but always check with your Architectural Designer. You will always need Building Regulation approval, again check with a qualified specialist or a future sale might be jeopardised. Here at Home Extension Team, we can help you with all your planning requirements, to avoid taking unnecessary risks with your home improvement project.

Always get three quotes for the building work, check item to item and ensure VAT is quoted. Choosing a reliable reputable company (such as HET!) will help you keep costs on track, a cheap company can be false economy if you end up paying extra to put things right. Always set aside around 10% for contingencies. At HET we have this covered with our own in-house designed software to enable accurate build cost forecasts.

Savilles continue "Loft conversions, side and rear extensions are the projects likely to add the greatest value to your home, as can a new kitchen."

L&C Mortgages commented in the same article......

"Low interest rates mean it is now more affordable to withdraw equity from your home to finance home improvements, and Lenders are generally quite relaxed about borrowing for this reason".

Home Extension Team endorses this advice, and as far as we know are the only Home Extension specialist to consistently comply with all of the Which recommendations. With over 30 years of extending and improving local homes, you really couldn't expect less. Why not contact us today, so see how we can improve the value of your home and make it more enjoyable to be at home so much.

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