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Brick sales are running at their highest levels for 10 years

Home Extension Team

This is prompting a warning to builders to be sure to plan their deliveries.

Brick producer Ibstock said in March 2017 the UK brick industry delivered more bricks than it had for nine years, and then in May and June followed this up with the highest monthly despatch level since September 2007, before the global credit-crunch.

However, despite the increase in production, builders and builders merchants are seeing lead times lengthen and prices rise.

With clay brick the most popular choice for constructing new homes, this is impacting on the extension market and Home Extension Team is receiving notifications from its contractors and consultants that brick prices are increasing substantially with price rises ranging from 25% to over 50%.

As well as bricks, concrete products such as lintels and key roof and wall insulation products are also seeing shortages, and the materials shortages combined with the ongoing shortage of skilled tradespeople such as bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, plasterers, and electricians, is contributing to increases in project costs. Furthermore project timescales are extending as labour delays can develop during the course of a project.

It therefore makes sense to use Home Extension Team to manage your project as the contract price will be fixed when the client signs the building contract.

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