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We Can Design to Your Budget

home extension budget

At HET, we are very aware of design and build costs, and have designed our service to avoid where possible the risk of overspending. Many homeowners spend more than anticipated, and even more fail to set a limit.

HET has been designing and building home extensions and improvements for almost 30 years, and in this time has designed software to enable accurate build cost forecasts, important to help avoid unforeseen costs and expenses. We believe we are the only home improvement company to offer this facility, and we are very happy to pass the benefit on to you, our clients.

You simply tell us what you are looking to achieve, and the sort of budget you would like work within, and we will do our very best to accommodate this within your feasibility study. If it is unrealistic, we will advise you, and create an alternative scheme to suit your needs, retaining as much of the crucial wish list as possible. If you do not have a budget, we will of course be happy to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your desired project.

To find out more about our outstanding service and to book an appointment, please contact us.

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