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Is there a labour shortage? Not at HET

home extension team

According to Property consultants Arcadis construction workers could see their wages double as the industry faces a “skills gulf”.

Research shows the industry needs to recruit over 400,000 people each and every year between now and 2021 – equivalent to one worker every 77 seconds – to cope with predicted workloads.

The greatest need is for carpenters and joiners, while plumbers, electricians, and bricklayers are also in high demand, particularly in the labour-intensive housebuilding sector.

The report also identifies a need for over 7,400 Civil Engineers, 7,300 Quantity Surveyors and 26,400 Construction Directors.

The figures are independent of the impact of any eventual Brexit deal which could further exacerbate the existing labour shortage.

Here at Home Extension Team we manage the whole project for you and by working with contractors who use reliable experienced tradespeople keep projects moving forward and ensure that our clients don’t have to spend time sourcing their own sub-contractors.

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