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Is Barnet the Best Place to Live?

Last week Edgware claimed to be the cultural capital of London. In reality, everyone knows High Barnet is the bigger, better north London rival.

Barnet is the Beyonce Knowles: the queen of the north. Edgware is the Solange Knowles: the lesser, scrappier, irrelevant counterpart that no one really remembers. Edgware is standing in the shadow of its outstanding sibling – High Barnet – and it always will.

Celebs live here

Whether it’s seeing Emma Bunton tucking into some smashed avocado on toast in Boyden’s or bumping into Kimberly Walsh snacking on cashews in Waitrose, celebrities love Barnet. Other local luminaries include Zayn Malik and Cheryl Cole.

The legendary high street

Barnet High Street caters for everyone, though it specialises in card shops and opticians. Everyone has a birthday and everyone has eyes, so this seems like a pretty clever decision by Barnet.

On the Hadley Wood end, you’ve got the Prezzo, Pizza Express, and the Bentley showroom all within 200m of each other; Barnet is upmarket and sophisticated and anyone who says otherwise has clearly never been.

This classiness continues as far as Barnet Church, with the arrival of the town’s newest additions: Carluccio’s and Patisserie Joie de Vie. Indeed, some have gone as far as saying Barnet is the “new Highgate”, as it is packed full of young, yummy mummies mooching in The Present or Starbucks.

On the other hand, at the opposite end of the High Street you’ll probably find a group of QEGS buying Freddos in the blue and green shops or getting a new set of acrylics done in Glamorous Nails.

The diversity of this High Street is undisputed and celebrated unironically by the residents who live there.

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